The New Generation of Sale Signs : Sale Flag

Our bright safety orange Silent Salesman flag and infopak has a greater 360-degree visibility factor than the traditional for sale by owner sign that requires 4 signs to be seen from all sides. Our 360-degree waving orange flag attracts the attention of potential buyers from a greater distance!

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Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime Like a Pro

This is the hassle free way to sell. Stop spending money on expensive print ads and plastic for sale by owner signs. Both those methods limit you on the description of your item and the visibility. Our bright orange flag is made of lightweight knitted polyester for minimum wind speed movement which attracts more attention to your vehicle.

The Silent Salesman Flag is visible from a distance, 360-degrees, unlike that plastic for sale sign you tape to the window. You would need to buy 4 signs to advertise your item from every direction. Even then the details included on the signs would be minimal. 

With our system, the prospective buyer can easily take an information sheet from the weather-proof infopak. We even provide you with an easy to use descriptive information form that allows you to list all the vehicle’s information and optional equipment. Prospective buyers then know precisely what you are selling and can keep your information as a handy reminder which increases the possibility of a sale.

Use the Silent Salesman For - Sale Flag to Sell:

... and more!

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